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HUNT 2.0

Hunt 2.0 ushered in a suite of new features for the Evolve faithful. More refined matchmaking and ranking to name a few. Our Hunt 2.0 primer helped define the new options fans would get access to, making Evolve a sharper and more competitive experience online.

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The Evolve universe has just gotten a little bigger. The latest batch of DLC introduces a cavalcade of interesting new hunters: Torvald the cyborg Assault, a Trapper named Crow (complete with his lovely pet, Batray), Slim the Medic, and Sunny – a Support who brandishes mini-nukes.

But, of course, what good are new hunters without a new monster? Behemoth also joins the fray and he’s not particularly happy with life. This trailer by Layer introduces both friends and foe alike.

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When one of the biggest releases of the year goes free-to-play for the weekend, you have to make sure you spread the good word with panache. We collaborated with 2K and YouTube mega-honcho, Harley Morenstein to give new players a crash course on how to play Evolve. Whether you’re hardcore, super green, or anything in-between once you watch this piece you’re sure to be comfortable behind the sticks when you get into the game.

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Take Halloween, add one part giant spider, two parts Evolve, and a heaping spoonful of Grindhouse style and you get our, "The Gorgon Cometh" trailer. An introduction to the latest big-bad in the Evolve universe set to wreak havoc upon planet Shear and any hunter foolish enough to set her sights on her.


Even if you're part of a expert team of specialists, monster hunting isn't an easy profession...especially when that monster is controlled by one of your dear friends. Evolve pits a group of four hunters against a constantly evolving monstrosity; each person playing will have to exploit their wits, weapons, and sheer survival skills to stay ahead.In this series of videos, Layer explores this unique brand of multiplayer and what goes into perfecting a new experience that appeals to both human and monster alike.